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Studies estimate that allergies cost the U.S. approximately $2.2 billion in missed work and school and lost productivity. Hay fever alone is the 5th leading chronic disease. Don’t just dismiss allergies as a nuisance. It’s a serious, debilitating condition that can worsen if left undiagnosed and untreated.


Allergic Symptoms

Did you know that fatigue, headaches and sinus infections are signs of allergies? Most people would never make the association between those symptoms and being allergic. More commonly accepted allergy symptoms include:


• Runny nose

• Sneezing

• Stopped up nose or head

• Itchy eyes


But they also include:

• A pesky cough

• Frequent sinus and ear infections

• Loss of taste and smell

• Trouble concentrating

• Tiredness

• Trouble sleeping

• Snoring


We can help determine if allergies are at the root of any of the above symptoms — and we can help you find relief!


How do I avoid allergies?

Some symptoms of allergies can be reduced simply by limiting exposure to your specific allergens. For example, if you’re allergic to dust mites, consider purchasing allergy-proof mattress and pillow covers. If your allergies are seasonal, like hay fever, keep the windows in your home and car closed when high pollen counts are present.


For additional steps you can take to avoid your allergic triggers, talk with us!


Where can I find out more about allergies?

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